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“Sgt. Tim Sutton is one of the most engaging and effective instructors in law enforcement today. He introduces a very complex and sensitive topic with ease and in such a way, that the audience can digest simple lessons to best help them interact with those on the spectrum. In addition to my entire staff being exposed to this course of instruction, I also participated and came away with a much better understanding!”

Chief Douglas A.Goodman, Jr.

Ashland Police Department Ashland, Virginia

“When I took your Autism Awareness class last year, I signed up for it thinking that it could help me provide better service to our citizens in my role as a 911 dispatcher. What I didn’t realize as I sat down was that in a few hours when I left the class, I would be leaving with knowledge that would truly change my life and that of my entire family.

“A little background on me first. I am a mother to two fabulous children. Ayden is my now 6 year old boy and Sophia just turned 3. At the time of the class, Ayden was a kindergartener at Cool Spring Elementary School. He wasn’t a star student, but he tried his best and was at grade level on all of the standards.

“After walking into your class and hearing the first 15 minutes of your presentation, I was no longer focused on how I could apply this knowledge to my line of work. Instead I began intently focusing on how I could apply this knowledge to my child. Within the first few slides of your presentation, I started getting this slow chill that crawled up my spine as the realization dawned on me…I was seeing my own son in the examples you were giving.

“Within the week, my son was being evaluated by a group of specialists and we had the diagnosis of high functioning autism. After the initial shell shock wore off, I immediately went into action. My mind started racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what to do first. The very first thing I did was call you. After briefly explaining the situation, I asked you the question that I’m sure every parent thinks, ‘What do I do now?’

“Even though you were at work and I’m sure had other things to do, you very patiently listened to me, asking pertinent questions when they were necessary, and then gave me the most reassuring answer I could have hoped for. You told me that no one had asked you that before but that you were going to find an answer and get back to me. Your honesty about the situation, determination to find what I needed and to help me, and the dedication you have shown to the autism community were both inspiring and encouraging. You gave me hope. Within the hour, you had called me back and had contact info for multiple resources in our area. Not only were there clinical and therapeutic resources, there were also community support resources.

“But regardless of how vital those resources were, the most important thing you helped me realize was my son is NOT autistic, he HAS autism. It does not define who he is, it is merely an obstacle that he is learning to overcome. I will never be able to thank you for what you have done for my family.”

Katie Sprouse.

As a retired law enforcement professional, I have watched Sergeant Tim Sutton for the past 20 (+/-) years grow in his knowledge and better understanding of youth and adults who are dealing these cognitive disorders. He has trained numerous law enforcement personnel over these years and his experiences make a huge impact on those he trains.

Tim has grown not only in his knowledge of these issues but also in his confidence in training others about how to deal with people suffering from these illnesses.

I highly recommend Tim as a valuable resource to anyone who wishes to learn more about these disorders and the capabilities available to those agencies who serve people suffering from these disorders.

Thomas A Clark.

Retired Police Chief Ashland (VA) Police Department

“During my 36 year career in law enforcement and numerous years working as a consultant, I have traveled the country educating Public Safety Officers as well as executives at a corporate level. I have had the opportunity to work with Tim Sutton as a co-facilitator for the past few years.

“Tim has the unique ability to help students understand the behaviors related to Alzheimer’s, Autism and other cognitive disorders. His years of law enforcement have given him numerous opportunities to interact and resolve issues involving the disease and disorder. Tim is able to relate his personal experiences in a way as to teach his topics of expertise. Tim shows how the behaviors related to cognitive disorders come into play almost daily, be it professionally or personally.

“As someone who has lived with a family member suffering from Dementia, I appreciate Tim’s passion for educating students. I have lived the struggle of Dementia, and I know the trials that families endure. Tim very poignantly shows how we all need A Better Understanding of the behaviors related to Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease.

“His classes are essential for anyone in any profession who comes in contact with the general public. He is able to pull from his years of experience working with families to relay information effectively.”

Henry Levenson

Lieutenant Retired/Consultant
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